2015 Spooktacular Gala Pix!

Individual Costume Contest:

1st Place: Renee Gomes as Cleopatra

2nd Place: Mike Ohashi as Scarecrow

3rd Place: Shellie Hayashi the Pirate


Team Awards:

1st Place: Kahala Nui (Mimes)

2nd Place: Strategic Communication Solutions (Mickey Mouse Club)

3rd Place: Tesoro Hawaii (Chefs)

Some pix from our Spooktacular 2015 Gala! (With a big mahalo to photographer Wayne Bautista!)

Gala012 Gala009 Gala006 Gala027 Gala025 Gala017 Gala034 Gala033 Gala031 Gala039 Gala038 Gala035 Gala046 Gala044 Gala040 Gala048 Gala047 Gala050 Gala049 Gala056 Gala053 Gala051 Gala057 Gala065 Gala063 Gala058 Gala069 Gala068 Gala067 Gala066 Gala073 Gala072 Gala070 Gala076 Gala075 Gala074 Gala081 Gala080 Gala078 Gala087 Gala086 Gala084 Gala091 Gala089 Gala096 Gala094 Gala106 Gala101 Gala100 Gala097 Gala113 Gala112 Gala119 Gala117 Gala114 Gala122 Gala121 Gala120 Gala124 Gala123 Gala128 Gala127 Gala138 Gala134 Gala130 Gala142 Gala141 Gala139 Gala146 Gala144 claire-speech Gala046 Gala044 Gala035 Gala034 Gala025 Gala017 Gala012

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