Client Bulletins:

Wapplee mail our clients a bulletin every month. The first page is about things they should be aware of during the coming month, the second page contains a column full of information and advice by Dash Holland, RD Clinical Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant in Honolulu with a passion for senior health and well being.

2017 Client Bulletins:

September 2017 New Food Labels

August 2017 Nutrition Tips to Help Healing

July 2017 DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension)

June 2017 Beat the Heat

May 2017 Memory Boosting Foods

April 2017 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

February 2017 is Heart Month

January 2017 Senior Safety Tips

2016 Client Bulletins:

December 2016 Healthy Holidays

November 2016 Fall Favs

October 2016 Low sodium

September 2016 Smoothies!

August 2016 Disaster preparedness

July 2016 Fighting cancer with nutrition

June 2016 Power breakfast

May 2016 Getting enough protein

April 2016 How to curb your sweet tooth

March 2016 Fiber foods and health

February 2016 Heart Month

January 2016 New Year goals

Bulletins from 2015:

December 2015 Holiday tips

November 2015 Fall Favorites

October 2015 Trust your gut

September 2015 Food safety tips

August 2015 Managing blood sugar

July 2015 Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension

June 2015 Anti-Inflamatory Foods

May 2015 Food and drug interactions

April 2015 Benefits of Tea

March 2015 Beyond Nutrition by David Orenstein

February 2015 Healthy Hawaiian Avocados

January 2015 S.M.A.R.T. goals for the New Year

Bulletins from 2014:

December 2014 Happy Holiday eats

November 2014 Stimulate your appetite

October 2014 Fiber foods for your health

September 2014 Eating a rainbow

August 2014 Beat the heat